Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glamour Shots

I wanted to share some "glamour shots" with you from Market...

These first two pictures were fabulous finds from Christopher Guy...

I love the detail in these chairs...!

...And the following are from  E J Victor, the "Randall Tysinger" collection, all showcased in the huge Robert Allen Showroom at Vegas Market.

This table and chairs just reeked of yummy!  Now I am not saying this would be easy to clean by any means, especially with animals or kids around but just sitting there I felt sexy!

I love the unexpected! And the legs on this chair are just that...Acrylic!

This may look like just an ordinary sofa but check out a 5'5" person sitting in it....If you are wondering the size of this piece it is 108" w x 47" d x 49" h, one word "WOW!"

This loveseat had such fun lines and check out those side chairs too....They sit low, 15.50" low, to the ground but are very comfortable still, I had to try them out of course.

All modeling done by my assistant and my Mom, thanks Mom!


Jane @ Finding Fabulous said...

Wow...Marie, thanks for sharing. These designs are over the top, to say the least...but what fun!!

S. Muller said...

How GLAM-ARAMA! I love the dining set SOOO very much.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love the chairs in that dining set! Moms ~ what would we do without them! Thanks for sharing Marie.

Anonymous said...

Marie you are SO welcome....glad I could help out my daughter! I had a marvelous time at market and enjoyed sitting in every chair! :)
The furniture was lovely and exciting to see the new styles.
My love,
Mom :)