Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To the Edge and Back

I am back and I would like to say that I am refreshed but I came back with a cold/flu (not sure what the difference is so thought I would say both to cover my bases)....I actually feel like this house right now....

(Took this picture while going down the freeway at 70+mph by the way), not bad huh?!
Wish I knew the history of this old house...

We had a great vacation and enjoyed the family visit and of course the weather.

Here are some pictures to share with you while I heal up and get focused on all the design blogs I am working on....Hope you enjoy them!

Grandma, hubby and Calvin walking the driveway. My Grandma goes up and down 4xs every day and it's a long driveway, so proud of her. :)

Side note: She doesn't like her picture taken while she is working out, but who does?

Here is just some of the family enjoying the boat ride on a gorgeous day.

I had to include this picture of Calvin with his Chuck it Flying Squirrel, worlds greatest water toy. This was his first time Up North and we think he loved it! :)

We tubed! This was 1st class. When we tubed as kids it was with a "real" tube, we've come along way baby, ha!

Skiing! Wish I could say this was me, but I can't include those pictures in fear you would laugh waayyyy too hard.

This is me swimming back to shore and yes I didn't want my face to show and yes I was wearing a wetsuit, hey it's cold water up there. ;)

Grandma's flowers, aren't they pretty?

Final day....Last picture of the lake, couldn't have asked for better weather and visit!

Paul Bunyan still has it going on!

We were the first ones out on a beautiful morning to play a round of golf on Plum Lake Golf Course that was built in 1909.

By the way, for all you golfers out there, can you find the pin in this picture? This par 3 was in a hole, so fun to hit into, never seen this before.

We were in Madison this last weekend before The University of Wisconsin started school and this guy was standing in front of the new student center, I couldn't resist.

We stayed at The Edgewater Hotel. I fell in love with their font...This hotel opened in 1948 right on the lake, I mean right on the lake, we had the shore lapping up to our room, it was amazing! We ended up walking everywhere in town, you couldn't have asked for a better location!

The Edgewater in Madison, Wisconsin has won my heart over by going over and beyond in welcoming Calvin to their hotel, not only did we get a bag of treats, but we got poopie bags, a map to dog parks locally, a bowl for his water or food and we were offered a bed for him too.

They made themselves remarkable to me and it didn't take much. If you have your own business how do you make yourself "remarkable"?

I thought I was seeing things when we passed this cow going down the freeway, isn't this great? She was HUGE! MOOOOOOO.

Okay, that's it, will be back on Friday!


V said...

Thanks for sharing Marie. That picture of the house is great and is somewhat surreal! You saying "you feel like the house" is priceless. :-) Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, girl! Looks refreshing and fun (err... minus the cow. that's just... veiny)


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Feel better, Marie! That house makes me think of Dorothy's in the Wizard of Oz - after it landed. Glad you lucked out on the weather.