Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Got Back Splash

I think one of my favorite parts of remodeling a kitchen is adding some WOW to the backsplash...Alot of times I am working on other parts of a clients house and I see a BORING backsplash and I talk them into adding some WOW like these...




(Hmmm this looks nice...)

(I think we have a winner...)

(Just installed, bad phone pic though...)

(Wish I had a better pic of this backsplash, it's gorgeous in person)

The granites remained the same along, with the appliances and cabinetry as well. 

Simple but impactful and usually it doesn't cost alot to tackle something like this either.  I personally like "shiny" ie: glass on a backsplash, they look particularly gorgeous with under cabinet lighting.

What kind of backsplash do you have, boring or WOW?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning Thermo

..As in thermostat...

Yawn you say....Well check this out....

This thermostat learns YOU and improves with time.  There is no more programming or constantly changing the temperature, The Nest, that is what it is called, will program itself in a week to keep you comfortable and save energy too.

See that little leaf in the above pic?  Well that appears when you are saving energy....You do know that changing the temperature just one degree can cut your energy use by up to 5% right?  Well if you didn't know that before, now you do...I love a challenge.

Check out the video and admire it's cuteness and ease of use too, which I could use.

Their website is really friendly, right down to their DIY install videos.

Even the "guts" are easy looking....

Can you tell I am sort of digging this new product?  Here it is in its box..Oh and it's $249 each and they are currently sold out, so if you are interested in it, it looks like there is a list you can be added to and they will alert you when they get more in....

I think I am going to add my name to it personally, I need 3 please. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your Life, Your Colors

It never fails...Every one of my clients has a problem choosing colors for their walls.  They know what they like and don't for that matter but the process of looking through a fan deck or looking at all the paint samples in a store overwhelms them...They are afraid of making a mistake and their fear paralyzes them.

Glidden Paint has a blog now called....

My Colortopia provides inspiration, tools, and relatable advice from the Colortopia Team to help their readers build confidence throughout the painting process. This enables visitors to select colors, buy paint, get the paint on the walls and be really proud of and satisfied with the results.  Basically what I do for my clients, BUT this is you doing it for you, how empowering right?

Check out their new quiz, "My Life My Colors" which you can take right here to help steer you in the right direction in painting your walls.  It will help guide you in discovering colors that suit YOUR personality and YOUR lifestyle, plus it's short and sweet and fun to take, here it is.....

So do tell, after taking the quiz...What color selections did you end up with and what do you think of them?  Can't wait to hear! :)

I am partnering with Glidden/Akzo Nobel paints with the My Life My Colors quiz but these are MY Opinions. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Color Palette, All Aboard

I am back and for those of you who were wondering where in the world I was, I was on the Society Islands, in the South Pacific.  Anyway, I love it there, and have been 3 times now and it's still not enough...Simply put, it is paradise on earth.

From this blog post, here is that same church taken in Ta'haa 4 years later and with different light...

Since I have a design blog I better add some design to this post right?

Sooo we were on the Paul Gauguin ship.....
Rainbow showed up on Christmas day on the stern of the ship, isn't this magical?

The Paul Gauguin is already a beautiful vessel, but guess what...?  In a week they are going to completely remodel the inside to the following...I took pics of the boards that not everyone got to see on the ship, I had special access and thought I would give you a sneak peek here....

Pool Deck

Promenade Area Deck 6

Le Verandah restaurant

Promenade area, deck 5

L'Etoile Restaurant

Main Cabins

Le Grille Restaurant


Deck 8 Lounge

Le Grand Salon

Reception Area

More Suites

I am sooo glad to be seeing so much blue and green used in the new deco it really compliments this kind of scenery nicely don't you think?

It will only take them 3 weeks to do the entire ship and they are sailing to Australia with the contractors working the entire time...Isn't that cool and mind blowing too that they can get that much work done in only 3 weeks?  I can tell you the planning took alot more time than that.

Thumbs waaayyy up or what?

In regards to this post...I don't work for the Paul Gauguin or get any incentive (I wish) for mentioning them, I am doing it strictly from the heart which all my blog posts are if you are new to my site.