Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do you Believe in Vampires?

You will after you read this....

Oh, and I couldn't resist posting Grandpa Munster's handsome mug for this post but this isn't really the kind of vampire I am talking about.

Do you know that when you plug in your cell phone to charge it and then unplug your phone but not the charger when you are fully charged you are still pulling power? It's called Vampire Power, also known as Standby Power and Phantom Load.

Not only are you paying for that, (all Vampire Power costs you about 10% of your electricity bill), but it's a waste of power too.

*A cell phone charger uses 2 watts while charging a phone. 2 watts even when
the phone is fully charged and STILL 1.5 watts when the charger is plugged in
without a phone.

*When you plug in your phone or camera to charge overnight, it usually finishes charging after about an hour, what about the other 7-8 hours you are sleeping?

Here's a green tip. Unplug your charger when you unplug your cell and don't overcharge your phone, it's not worth it...Easier said than done, personally this is one of the vampires I am trying to slay myself currently.


Orianne said...

Thumbs up! Great idea!

DesignTies said...

Marie... Grandpa Munster? What about Edward?! HaHa! Great post and reminder to UNPLUG! I know I make every effort to be a non-vampire.
Victoria @ DesignTies

Paul Anater said...

Cable Boxes, TVs and DVD players are another big one. Amazing things happen when you root out and slay all the vampires. My power bill went down 20%. No lie!