Monday, September 28, 2009

Art Inspiring

Awhile back my hubby and I were celebrating his birthday in Old Montreal (fabulous town by the way).

(It took us awhile to figure out why everyone was taking pictures of "our" house but finally we found out that "our" house was one of the oldest in Montreal, go figure.)

Anyway, Right down the street from where we were staying we stumbled upon a wonderful art gallery called Nicolin and Gublin.

All of the art is from the international visual artist-painter, Charlotte Nicolin.  You can tell that she is drawn to nature, I just love her prospective and think her work is awe-inspiring with her wonderful blend of colors and great subjects like this bird in pursuit of that little fish....

The flowers are amazing and are my FAVORITES....These are just a few of her beautiful pieces.

Isn't this dramatic?

I think the colors used in this are amazing!

 She has lots of frog paintings but this one is so precious I had to share it....2 frogs in love inside a flower but it could be a psychedelic trip too....Ha!

Her sea life is the best....

Everytime I see this one I laugh out loud, this is called "Family Portait", perfect title, ha!

The gallery also had her sea life furniture on display, these pictures don't do it justice but had to show you anyway....

So if you ever get to Montreal I highly recommend you pop in to this lovely gallery, you will have no regrets and in the meantime be sure to click on the links to see more of her wonderful creations as well.


Orianne said...

Great post, Marie! Don't you just love Montreal? It's one of my favourite cities!

Marie said...

Orianne, what part of Canada do you live in again and is nearby Montreal? Regardless, I do love Montreal, I think I could live there, wonderful city! :)