Friday, September 4, 2009

Thru These Doors

Have you ever stopped to look at some of the doors you have walked thru and their significance over time. Or thought once I open this door my life will never be the same?

Throughout our lives walking "thru these doors" can embark us on a new journey, a new chapter in your life. They can be very symbolic but at the time maybe be just another door......

*Church doors; weddings, funerals, baptisms, moving messages, so many of life's milestones happen thru these doors.

*Now wine cellar doors are always good doors to walk thru aren't they?

*This door belonged to a very run down hotel in NYC that I had rented for the night, the lobby looked nice enough but as I was getting closer to the room the hall smelled and the place just started giving me the creeps. As soon as I saw the door number I turned around and decided it was a sign, this was right after 9/11. But of course I took a picture first, ha!

*I realized after I decided to blog about front doors that I have alot of pictures of various people posing in front of doors....For instance this is my Mom on her 60th birthday with a bag full of delicious chocolates that we just purchased in Napa called Woodhouse.

*I wonder what stories the front door of this old "Sunday House" could tell.

*First day at a new job? How will your life change once you start working there? What friends will you make what will you achieve there?

*I remember specifically walking thru these doors the first time, this was my Jr. High and the first day was so scary, but I have great memories of this school and those doors.

*My dear friend posing in front of the doors to his vacation home in Solvenia, I have lots of pictures with him posed in front of these doors, I guess I am not the only one who is obesessed with doors that mean something.

*These doors belong to a jewelers store in Montreal, I wish they were open the day I walked by, I can only imagine what must have been behind those grand doors.

*Our first cruise ship experience and I was so excited I had to have a picture of our cabin door.

*Here is my Mom opening the door for the very first time to her new home.

*I just recently saw these doors to a gorgeous building on the University of Wisconsin's Gymnasium built in 1893. Actually these doors are what inspired me to write this blog today.

Do you have any door memories from your past? Are you like me and you have lots of pictures with family and friends standing in front of various doors too? Do share. :)


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

As soon as I read your first paragraph I thought of church doors and walking through them before getting married ~ coming in a single woman, leaving a married woman. The wine cellar could be nice, if someone is not burying you in one! : )

There are some beautiful doors out there, but I think it's some of the unique ones that really catch our eye. I know in my neighborhood you generally see the same 3 styles of door {which I have as well}, so something different really stands out. Nice pics, Marie! {Hope you're feeling better!}

Love the Decor! said...

Marie what a fun post. You have been to some very interesting places.
Love doors too and always wonder about the world behind them.
OH by the way.. Your mom looks wonderful would not have guessed 60