Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gummi Love

Do you like Gummi Bears enough to have a chandelier made out of them?  There are only going to be 10 of these made and each will be a little different so all one of a kind on many levels.

Each chandelier will have apx. 5,000 ACRYLIC Gummi Bears so don't think you can pull one off and snack on them when the craving comes.

Due to the amount of work involved in creating these they do take 2 months to complete so order now...Oh you probably want to know the price at this point....For this custom Gummi Bear chandelier you are looking at it setting you back $9,500.00, but with that price you get the artist delivering it personally to help set it up.

Now if you are thinking at this point those are too rich for my blood but I do love the idea of those little Gummi Bears lighting up my space here is a small GummiLight to check out....

These little lights (7"h x 4"w) are soft and rubbery, again not to be eaten even though they look soooo tempting.  They have tiny LED's in their butts and are battery operated so you have no cords to worry about.

They come in great colors...Red, orange, purple, blue, etc. just to name a few.  The best part of these is the price, they are $125.00 each or $500 for a set of five.  I promise that they will wipe away add some fun to any room.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Walls of Stone

A lot of times people think in terms of changing the feel of their room with wall color...How about changing the texture instead, in a BIG way?

(EmberWall: Before and After)

This stone veneer takes your "boring" walls to "wow" walls!

(ArtWall: Before and After)

Have you ever considered a stone veneer, such as these?  Or do you immediately think "cool, but it is probably cost prohibitive and hard to do...."

(CandleWall: Before and After)

Eldorado Stone's GemWalls have made this not only pretty simple but also an affordable way to transform your own spaces.  Watch this quick video to see the simple steps here.

I think this bathroom was already beautiful but now look at it...

So if you want to add some warmth and romance that only stone can add, consider this great looking stone veneer for your space(s), and of course send me some pictures if you do it too.

(VinoWall: Before and After)

In regards to this last picture shown...Did you study it like me, there is alot going on isn't there, but look at how it really warmed up that room....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Stairway IS Heaven

I just got my camera fixed and I am in the process of taking some "afters" to share with you, so this is "hot off the presses".....I took these last night, not that I was anxious or anything, ha!

This particular client's 1991 home has always had carpet on the stairs.  Though my client loved the carpet she was tired of it being on the staircase.  Truly it didn't bother me, but the staircase was feeling a little tired...I mean even though 1991 feels like just the other day to some of us, it was almost 20 years ago...Has that sunk it yet? ;)

A lot of people use the terminology incorrectly when discussing staircases so here is a little picture guide to help explain things a bit better as I go through the details of this job....

Back to the staircase....

We replaced the carpet with hardwoods, not just the tread but the riser as well.

Did you just notice that gorgeous hardwood border inlay on the floor as you were glancing at the above picture?  Well here it is up close....Isn't it beautiful?  We replaced all the oak hardwoods to these floors which is the color combo that inspired us for the staircase.

The open partial treads were the same tired yellowing oak as the banister so we darkened them up to match each other.  (Picture of the tired oak hardwoods)

Now look closely on the 2nd picture "going up", those partial risers are still white.  I don't think it looked bad with the balusters but it drove my client crazy because going downstairs they looked rich and beautiful but once you were down the stairs and looked up you saw "white", so we fixed them....Cue the faux painter....

(going down)

(going up)

...She painted them to look like the wood that we just stained the yellowing oak.  I love all the tricks faux painters have up their sleeves.

Because of the style of the home we decided on keeping the balusters as-is, well I mean with a fresh coat of white of course.  

So big improvement?  We think so.  This staircase has at least another 20 years in it. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Now I think this is something to blog about, a top 100 list for interior design enthusiasts.    Notice #23...Not that I am blowing my own horn, but it's sooo cool when you see your blog surrounded by so many other great interior design blogs.

I hope you click around and enjoy some of the others out there in blog land, I know a lot of those other bloggers and they are great!  We all love followers and comments so swing by and say "hi" to any of us and of course if any of you have any design questions we are here for that too.

Fun facts and history about April Fools day because it is April 1st after all...Oh my gosh I just realized something, what if the Top 100 list is a prank?  Ha, then it's a good one and I have been had. ;)  Oh and speaking of, have you been to Google yet today, read this.