Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There's No Place Like The Greenbrier

Or so I think, you see I haven't been to the famous The Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. But it's on my list of things to see because of Dorothy Draper's influence there and well I want to see the famous bunker too. :)

Here are some FUN FACTS I found on The Greenbrier Resort and Dorothy Draper's remodel....
-This was the single largest hotel renovation ever achieved.
-It included more than 45,000 yards of fabric.
-15,000 rolls of wallpaper.
-She created furniture for the hotel, such as the "dresk", a combination dressing table and desk.
-She also designed the china, tableware, menus and even the matches.
-It was Dorothy's single greatest design achievement...She was the first to approach a project and design the total environment.

According to Carleton Varney, Draper's protege and President of The Dorothy Draper Company, Inc. The Greenbrier is quintessential Draper, the most highly prized jewel in her crown".

Did you know that Carleton Varney still oversees all interior design of this fabulous resort?

I found this blog that had some great photos and wanted to share it here with you...
Paris Hotel Boutique Journal: Dorothy Draper's Greenbrier

Of course before I came along my husband had his Fantasy Football golf draft there one year...I asked him all about the place and he vaguely remembered the interiors, how "man" is that? I am sure the golf course is great, I mean the The Greenbrier Classic will be a new tournament in 2010 which will replace the Buick Open so that is cool right?

I have been online and I find enough pics to know I want to go, I also realize it was remodeled back in 2007, to not rid itself of the Draper style but to freshen it up and preserve it.

My birthday is in December, I think I will start dropping hints to my hubby starting....Now! :)

Let me know if you have been yourself and if so what you thought, I would LOVE to hear all about it.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I would love to walk across those black and white floors! Dorothy Draper is an inspiration and I'm so glad they just "freshened" the space up.

tdlenair said...

Hi Marie,

I have been to the Greenbrier and have walked down the very hallway in your picture with the arch window treatments as I made my way to the Spa! Touches of Dorothy everywhere!

Love the Decor! said...

I have never been, but think it is a must see place to put on my"bucket list" :)). Look s absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I am honored to say that I work at this magnificent resort. Everyday I discover something new about the decor. The ambiance and service is second to none --and yes I am a bit biased. There are many exciting things happening at the resort including the construction of an underground casino. We would love to welcome you to the resort and become apart of The Greenbrier Family.

Anne Lubner Designs said...

I have always wanted to visit this fabulous resort! Such inspiration, such exciting colors and adventurous designs!

JanKWV said...

I live within driving distance of the Greenbrier and have visited it many many times. It is a gem. My husband and I spent wonderful Saturday in December there and the Christmas decorations were amazing. I have pictures if you would like to see them! I met Carleton Varney in his store that day and he was charming and gracious!

Anonymous said...

I'm having my (high school) senior photos taken there next weekend (-:

Natasha said...

Love this place. We had our honeymoon here not too long ago. Your article is fantastic and the photos show the lovely details.