Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mirrors Need Love Too...

I recently worked with 2 clients who needed to add some "love" to their bathrooms. Obviously color and accessories are no brainers for quick changes but have you considered what you can do to your mirrors?

Here are some "before" the love and "after" the love bathrooms....

Master Bath: Before

Master Bath: After (Client is in the process of replacing her builder grade lights)

Guest Bath: Before and After (client is in the process of painting her walls)

Mirror Mate has some gorgeous frames, easy ordering instructions (I promise you can't screw it up), installation is a breeze and you get the immediate "AHH" effect.

Both of my out of town clients were definitely intimidated about ordering these because I wasn't there to measure and make sure they would work.  But I got to tell you they fit perfectly and they both had them up within moments and they both sent me pictures immediately afterwards they were sooo excited.

Master Bath: Before & After (Even a cleaner counter) :)))

Guest Bath: Before

Guest Bath: After (Client is in the process of replacing these lights as well)

So have you seen these and have you given your mirrors any love yet?  I think they deserve it don't you?