Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Be Afraid of The Dark

Paint your small spaces (for example powder rooms) in dark, rich, yummy colors, it's unexpected and beautiful!

I not only like dark paint, I like to soften and add more interest to my clients dark walls by doing some kind of faux work, either by changing the wall texture with venetian plaster or fauxing with a goldy/silvery finish, for added luxury.

Powder rooms are fun because they are contained to a small room, so if budget is an issue, you can choose higher priced finishes in there and get a lot of credit for it, especially for it's higher visibility with guests.

I have a Squidoo page (don't know what that is? Well just click on my link and see), where I share lots of bathroom tips. Check it out....Bathrooms!

Have you been bold in your own powder rooms and if so what color did you choose?


Rachel said...

Excellent post! I think that bathrooms are also a great place to be avant garde. Half baths can be so much fun if you are willing to take chances and go a little "over the top".

Rissi Cherie said...

Dark colors add such drama, excitement, and personality to a room or area. I'm fond of them in foyers, too, especially with a high gloss paint, a fantastic area rug and interesting lighting. It really makes a statememt.

Jane @ Decormamma said...

Marie, I just love these powder rooms...they are stunning! The one with the warm rustic red and the black mirror and accesories is my favorite! Ya got me thinking now...thanks for the inspiration!!

DesignTies said...

I had to work with the pink marble countertop & sink and the pink marble tiles on the floor and the ceramic pink & white & mauve tiles up the walls in our guest bathroom. *Sigh* BUT, it actually came out looking not too bad. I painted it ICI Purple Granite, which is a dark purple that can look purple or brown or grey depending on the light. And I hung a dark grey shimmery shower curtain to add more drama and block the view of the pink tiles in the tub/shower. Not my dream bathroom, but much better than when it was ALL pink!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Anonymous said...

I just found this website. I would love to know what color you used for the bathroom in the top photo; the one with the Giraffe painting on the wall? It's beautiful. I would like to paint my master bath that color.

A few years ago, I painted my tiny powder room a deep purple color. I love it! It's so dramatic and beautiful and, since it's in a small bathroom where I don't spend a lot of time, I don't think I'll get sick of it. It's the room everyone who comes into my house comments on the most.

ajith said...

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