Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Shade with a View

These customizable, creative roller shades were just featured on Daily Candy, so I had to spread the love because I think they are a great idea.

Ever wish you could change the view outside of your windows?  Now you can.....These views aren't what's really behind those pulled roller shades, it's an illusion....

Fantasy Shades were created by Melissa Borrell.  Let her change the view out your window too.....

With custom images, sizes and color options available.

Isn't this a great idea for those not so great REAL views?


Anonymous said...

These are SO great, Marie! At first I thought they were just shades....then I realized the shadow was man-made! What a GREAT idea! No matter what is outside you can make it look like you want....that is fun and innovative!
Love all the ideas you share...I feel so "In-the-know!"

melissa said...

Thanks for the love Marie! And I'm always glad to hear that the illusion does the trick!