Every plan is CUSTOM to your room.  You’ll get a professional design recommendation that addresses the entire room, from ceiling to floor.

Required Input From You:
  • Digital Photos

    At least 6 pictures submitted in email to Decorator On Demand, 
(1) shot per wall and (1) good overall, showing your favorite view 
or focal point of the room.  Also include (1) exterior house shot so 
I can get a sense of your home’s architecture.

    I also want to see what inspires you. Please feel free to include magazine 
photos that articulate your dreams for the room. You may provide internet 
links, scanned magazine images or personal photos, anything that expresses 
what you are looking for. At the end of the day, the more pictures you share 
the better.

  • Measurements

    In your email also include measurements of the room and ceiling height. This will allow me to give you a more accurate plan.
  • Complete The “Get To Know My Room” Online Questionnaire
    Fill out the “Get To Know My Room” questionnaire. The more detailed you can be the better, but some of my clients aren't very detailed and I make them happy too.
What's Covered In Your Room Design Plan:
Your design comprehensive plan recommendation includes the 7 To Do’s of the following:
  1. Space Layout
  2. Furniture and fabrics
  3. Paint and wall coverings
  4. Window coverings
  5. Lighting
  6. Accessories and Art (as required)
  7. Flooring
A detailed shopping list of resources (both local and online) for executing all design elements of the plan is also included. These are all organized into layers for ease of understanding and execution.

You can expect to receive your customized room design plan recommendation in 3 business days after I received your payment and the required input from you which is detailed above.

I take the utmost care to ensure my client’s expectations are exceeded. I’ve been doing Decorator On Demand for over five years and this concept really works!  At the end of the day, my intention in starting this company was to help people like you make their home the best it can be, so consider me your “Interior Design Coach”.

The Five Step Process:
  1. Share Your Room Input
    Complete the "Get To Know My Room" questionnaire and email me the room's measurements and digital photos.
  2. Pay Using The "Buy" Button
    This service is a flat fee of $449 per room.  That's a fraction of what designer's typically charge.  Payment is due upfront and you can pay with either your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) or PayPal.
  3. You Receive Your Design Plan
    After reviewing your materials, I will email your detailed, actionable design in 3 business days.
  4. Let's Talk
    Once your design plan email arrives you will have an entire day to ask any questions for clarification to make your room the best it can be.
  5. You Execute The Design Plan
    When YOU are ready, you execute the plan.

    Does it matter where I live?

    I work with clients from all over the globe.  As long as you have internet 
access and a digital camera we are ready to go.

    After I receive the design plan, what if I still have questions?

    I am here for you.  We have up to a full day to go back and forth to solve 
any outstanding questions you may have for your room via email.

    What if I want more help or information about my room beyond this consultation period?

    Some of my clients want additional coaching and guidance during the execution phase of their project, a separate monthly retainer fee option is available.  Email me for more information if that is something you’re interested in (or we can discuss it when we review your plan).