Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Small Choices, Big Impact

I know green may seem like the "trend" right now, but is it really a trend?  I think wiser green practices are here to stay.  

Here are some very easy choices you can make today that are not only inexpensive but easy too...

1)  The 3 R's:  Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
2)  Compost
3)  Use Public Trans or at least plan your car trips to be more efficient
4)  Use energy bulbs and when you leave a room turn your lights off behind you
5)  Weather strip your doors and windows
6)  Use energy efficient thermostats
7)  Get a home energy audit:  These are usually free through your utility company.  
8)  Use environmentally safe cleaning products
9)  Replace old appliances with newer appliances that have earned the Energy Star
10) Replace toilets with high-efficiency ones such as Kohler or Caroma

This list is about making progress.  These will not only save you money but our environment too.  We will never be perfect and some can't or won't do all 10 on this list and that is okay.  I think awareness is the first step and I just ask that you be open minded and consider some of these.

Please comment here on what you currently do or what you plan on doing, to be more green.  It's important we educate and share our experiences with each other to learn from.  No one has all the answers but we can all grow together right?

Last thought, I have noticed that more and more utility companies are giving generous rebates for Energy Star appliances and high-efficiency toilets.  Make sure to check your local company to see what their guidelines are before buying.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine...

I have never liked ceilings fans until I moved to Texas, now it seems they have become a necessity for me. Thankfully, ceiling fan design choices have gotten better over time.

Fun fact, that probably everyone knows but me....A ceiling fan doesn't actually cool a room (they just make you feel cooler), it serves no purpose to have it on when you aren't in the room so don't forget to turn it off when you leave.

White w/silver baroque giclee

Spice striped ceiling fan

72" Dragonfly collection in nickel finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

Contemporary fan in white

Classic European design in aged moss finish

Frosted glass

Antique silver finish

Alabaster glass with brushed nickel finish

Candeliere aged bronze finish

Pharos matte nickel finish

Black rust and rattan honey

Candelabra ceiling fan

Espresso finish with vine and leaf pole accent

Outdoor palm leaf

If you haven't already switched your ceiling fans from their winter mode make sure to do that now, it will make a difference. Winter: Clockwise Summer: Counter-Clockwise.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Here are some pics from our vacation to Naples, Florida....

Turbulent water, very windy but had my toes up and all was good. 

This is the 5' alligator having a showdown with a big bird, the bird won.  By the way, I was "protected" by a thin layer of screen, I don't think the alligator even saw me.  

The only real blue sky was on the last day of vacation, of course right?

This little bird was sooo cute and soooo unafraid of me. 

Don't I look angelic?  My husband didn't realize that there was humidity on the lens, until later that night when we went to review.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toes Are In The Sand

Our toes are in the white sand, so we are almost completely unplugged....I hope you are all having a fantastic week. Will pick up this blog on Friday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Nightie Night

I just got to Florida for some much needed play time! Will send out pics soon...

In the meantime, I was recently glancing through Horchow's newest additions in bedding and came across some fresh new looks....I am seeing alot more blues and greens aren't you?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Got Beer?

I am not a beer drinker by any stretch of the imagination, but the other day I was in a pub that served only beer and saw on their chalkboard their special of the day....A beermosa, "being in Rome", I ordered one for the heck of it, I figured the juice would kill the beer taste, ha!  Well guess what?  They were fabulous and I actually ended up having 2 of them.

So I just had to share with all of you this refreshing and surprisingly good drink...

So the "special" was Blue Moon Belgian White beer

and orange juice (looked light on the pulp).  

I poured the whole bottle beer in a big frosted glass and added the juice to the top of the glass.  No need to measure and  it works for me.  Pour to taste though.

If you want to be fancy you can add a orange slice to the glass, for me it just gets in the way.

I would love for you all to come over and try these at my house but since we are all separated geographically I would love for you to try these yourself, the sooner the better because I haven't had one person dislike them since I have been sharing....I would love to hear from all of you beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike to what you think.  

Please note, I haven't used any other brand of beer because I am scared to screw up a great taste. 

Hey I just realized it's Father's day tomorrow...Maybe a good time to pour a Beermosa for him.

Virtual cheers!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Like Father Like Son, Sorta

I know I only post on every even day but I just heard this interview and wanted to share it with you in case you haven't heard it yet.

NPR's morning edition featured Designers Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler interview each other about how their fathers influenced their creativity.

Listen to this link and this one too if you want a little more.

Father's Day is Sunday, don't forget.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Magic Carpet Ride

I was reading the Material Girls blog, "Ver-y Fun Rugs" and thought about some other fun rugs out there and of course top of mind for me are the Emma Gardner rugs.  I have been a HUGE fan of her rugs for almost 7 years.  

Following are just a few of her gorgeous creations.....I have soooo many favorites from her collection you need to go check out her site to experience firsthand her creativity....Enjoy!

I realize some of these pictures are itsy bitsy but the colors are so rich I think it shows enough for you to get the idea....