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Get to know my room.

The more detailed you can be in answering this questionnaire the better I can provide recommendations you are going to like.  If you choose to ignore some questions that is fine, I don't want this to feel like I am getting to nosey, this is our “meet and greet” online.  When meeting my clients for the first time in their homes I can gather a lot of this info. just by observing, but with this online service I need to ask more pointed questions. 

If you have any additional comments that we didn't address, please feel free to either fill out the “additional comments” section at the bottom of this questionnaire or email me at

1. What room do you want me to get to know?

2. What would you call the style of your home? (You can have a blend that is okay.)

3. What is your personal style? (Sometimes this is different than your current home style.)

4. What colors do you tend to wear? (Believe it or not but what you wear really determines your favorite colors more than me asking what your favorite color(s) are.)

5. What does your immediate family consist of? Do you live alone, have animals (yes they are family), or have kids and if so what are their ages?

6. If you have animals, what kind and are they allowed in the house?

7. How do you want this room to feel or look like when you are done?

8. Are there particular activities you need or want this room for? (I realize a bedroom is for sleeping but do you also need it to be a office?)

9. What is your color scheme(s) throughout the rest of your house?

10. Does this room open up to other rooms, ie: family room/kitchen or is it self contained?

11. Are you considering a remodel/construction to this room? If so, what?

12. Do you have a budget in mind? Rough is fine. (Remember you are in total control of what you spend this just helps me recommend something that is right for you.)

13. Do you have a time frame? (I understand it's in your hands but this just give me an idea of how fast you want to move, I don't want to recommend a sofa for instance that is 12 weeks to receive).

14. What part of the country do you live in and what exposure does this room have to the sun?

15. What is your existing flooring and does it continue to other rooms or is it contained in just that room?

16. What shape is your current flooring and do you want to keep them?

17. Do you have existing window treatments and do you want to keep them?

18. Do you have furniture pieces that are a “must keep”? (Usually family heirlooms. We'll make them work don't worry.)

19. Are there new pieces of furniture you definitely want to think about and if so what are they?

20. Do you plan on living in your house for a long time or are you considering resale, because believe it or not those are 2 different ways to design.


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