Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Season is Upon Us

Labor Day weekend is celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer.....With fall comes cooler weather, well that is what I hope anyway after the hot summer we have had in Texas.

Now is the time to start thinking about giving your rooms a fresh seasonal makeover with some small, easy changes to welcome in the new season.

1) Change out your decorative pillows and throw blankets, from your summer colors
and materials to cozier ones for fall with deep tones in corduroys, chenilles and

My Mom's living room is very neutral and she has a set of pillows and a throw for spring/summer in pale pinks, greens and yellows and come fall she pulls out her set of pillows and throw in deep reds and oranges. It takes her about 2 minutes each season and it completely transforms her room.

2) Remove summer/spring themed floral arrangements and replace them with fall colored pieces.

3) Rotate out your summer bedding for options that will keep you warmer in winter such as duvets and comforters.

4) If you have furniture slipcovers, consider changing the color and material for the winter.

5) If you have candles in your room changing them out for the season is a quick easy fix as well, choose dark colors that have a heavier scent to them.

There are lots of fall/wintery candles to choose from but when I saw these I couldn't resist, aren't they the perfect fall candle choice?

What do you do with a new season change in your homes?


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I usually take out the throws I put away for the summer and change out my floral arrangements. Once it's cooler at night, my summer quilt gets put away and the comforter comes back out.

Interior Concepts by Wanda said...

Great tips for updating spaces to reflect the season. Aside from floral arrangements, I have some simple bowls filled with different materials. In the summer, I may use some abalone shells or grasses. In the fall, I have some preserved pomegranates, artichokes and other textured items. During the holidays, I may use an assortment of glass balls and then switch back, afterwards. It just goes to show, design is in the details.!