Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitchen is Almost Done...UPDATE

Okay, my clients kitchen is ready for Thanksgiving, just barely. If you are thinking "so what", here is my blog from this past weekend to catch you up...

Here is a pretty drastic "before" and "after" of the bar area of the kitchen don't you think?  The "before" was their original laundry room, for this area we moved the garage door down for more room, can you tell?

My clients are sooo excited to not only have their kitchen back but in time for Thanksgiving which was no small feat due to our very tight deadlines.

When I took these pictures, the workers were still there installing cabinet hardware and we were getting the window treatments up too at the same time, so still a messy kitchen but big changes nonetheless.

After the barstools come in and all is done I will definitely take some "hero" shots to show you the end result, can't wait for you to see it. The window treatments turned out fabulous and complete the room as window treatments usually do. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I am truly THANKFUL to all of you for your support and comments.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kitchen is Almost Done...

My clients had a tired, small, awkward kitchen, I am not speaking out of line, this is what they told me.  :) 

Before they brought me in, they were talking about moving their existing kitchen to their attached garage so they could have more space. After looking over their existing kitchen I felt like we could work with this quite easily by removing some walls and lifting the roof, okay just ceiling but that was fun to say. 

This kitchen WILL be done by next week, all except some minor things like bar stools (which are backordered until December 26th of course).

In the meantime, and before I get some "after" pics I thought you'd like to see the progress...

I thought I would first start with the formal dining room which my faux painter did a gorgeous job on before I was even brought into this job. These pics really do the color no justice, it's much more rich in person, well it was nice before I knocked it down.



This is the only before picture in this direction, sorry son of my clients, but really you look fine. ;)  Look at all those walls and angles in that original kitchen....

This isn't the exact same shot but at least you can start to see what happened once we removed the wall in between the formal dining room and kitchen.

We are in full remodel mode in this picture, and that isn't the son on the floor it's the plumber. ;)

This was the wall from the breakfast room to the laundry room.

So we took it down to enlarge the kitchen and we made a room in the garage for a beautiful, enclosed laundry room out there.  Oh so isn't this a BIG difference just losing that wall?  And we got to claim some brick wall that is the back of their fireplace in the living room.

I will show detailed pics next week right in time for Thanksgiving.  

Before you add onto your house think about finding ways to lose some of your walls and reconfigure your space if possible, most of the time it can be done and the afters are sooo much more fun I think, because you actually have "befores".

Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy, Busy

I haven't been very diligent in keeping up with my blog lately and for that I apologize.

Did you notice?

Did you miss me?

Probably not, you all are probably just as busy with the holiday season racing towards us as I am, but I missed YOU ALL!!!!

I am just about ready to post a client's kitchen that we are just about done with...All my clients are expecting their houses done before Thanksgiving next week and the post I am about to send out is one of those houses.

I am sending the "befores" and "durings" this weekend, but "afters" will be early next week as we are wrapping up.  I told you I am under a deadline. ;)

So TGIF and have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cover Art

Are you of the age that you not only know what record albums are but still have yours?  I do, I can't seem to part with them, they all mean something to me, especially fond memories like pretend kissing the guy (didn't even know his name) from this cover, the top left picture, from the Bay City Rollers, hey in 4th grade they were huge! :)

Well I just saw this cool way to show off your album "art" here.  They hold up to 6 record albums at a time.  You can display them horizontally or vertically.

The best part is you can change them out as often as you want very easily.

Did you have any special memories of your record albums, I would love to hear them.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ceiling Fan: Reminder

I have written about this before, but just as a reminder....

Now that the heat has gone away and cool weather is upon us, don't forget to switch your ceiling fans in the REVERSE (clockwise) position.  If you run it at a low speed it will gently draw the room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air down and out towards the walls so as to avoid the wind chill effect.

It's All About The Bend

Have you seen the somewhat new Kohler, Karbon articulating kitchen faucet yet? I would assume so, it seems like everywhere I look lately it's there....Now that is a good thing because I think it's not only sexy but it works so intuitively as well when you touch it, it seems to read your mind, okay I won't go that far but seriously I love the way it moves. ;)

Here are some of it's cool features:
-It has an intregrated spray nozzle
-Can be fully extended to fill large pots
-Lowered into the sink for food prep and cleanup
-Compactly folded and placed out of the way when not in use
-Pivots easily into any position and REMAINS there for hands free operation

See how it moves on YouTube.

It also won a bronze award in the IDSA annual IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) competition, so not to shabby.

It originally was released in just chrome and stainless but now Kohler has released it in a total of seven finishes for the perfect look, see them on Kohlers site in detail....

As I was writing this post I was thinking, "now they just need a pot filler, how gorgeous would that be", but after looking up finishes, look what I stumbled upon...It's truly sooo much more than a pot filler it's a true wall mount fixture for the sink, but it could be used as a pot filler too.....

Okay, so I must ask, are you as enamored with these as I am?