Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Isn't that fun to say?  Maybe it's just me....

Can you tell in this picture what's different from other faucets?

It's a touchless/hands free faucet, pretty cool huh?!

They are headed to the home market for your kitchen and bathrooms.  They do have some benefits.....

*Less touching means better hygiene
*They stay cleaner
*Reduces water and energy
*Helps people with limited dexterity or for kids
*Preset temperature that can be adjusted
*Handles are an option if space is a concern

The new ones for homes aren't like the finicky ones that drive me crazy at let's say the airport. Manufacturers are creating them now with more reliable sensing technologies that don't feature an infrared beam so they are more attractive for your homes.  The entire faucet acts as a magnetic field so as you move your hand towards the faucet it will activate the water.  Most have handles so it's an option to turn on your water.

I don't have one nor have I put any in my clients homes, but who knows, they are starting to look better and better.....Lots of finishes, and styles too....What do you think, would you ever consider one?

Oh by the way, I am sooo excited my camera is back and ready...Now I need to get some "afters" taken of my clients homes to post, stay tuned.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Size Matters...

....And a king bed is simply too small, here is an option to consider.....The  EXTREME UltraKing beds!

These beds are for people who don't think a King is big enough....Which sometimes quite frankly is me, when it's just me and my hubby no biggie, but when Calvin our dog climbs in with us (he may only weigh 55 lbs but he stretches to 6' and is all legs, need I say more?)

Of course they hail from Las Vegas but you know they could've hailed from Texas too where everything is bigger.

(Woman from picture optional...JUST KIDDING, but this woman in the picture gives you a  better idea of just how HUGE these beds are?)

Check out who has this bed here. Which for the most part makes perfect sense, NBA and NFL players...I am surprised that Hugh Hefner who doesn't seem to leave his bed much, isn't listed on here as having one.  But on a serious note, really being 5'9 1/2" I have slept in beds that were too short and were very uncomfortable, so I can only imagine how being well over 6' would be for sleeping in most beds.

On their site, you can buy everything from the actual bed to the mattress right down to the giant bedding.

I just realized something...Making this bed would be a BIG chore and even bigger than that would be getting the sheets into my washing machine and dryer, now how does that work?  Multiple loads?

What do you think?  Are you or someone you know in need of some extra space and could use a UltraKing?