Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fruit of The Vine

We had a nice long weekend visit with a very dear friend ("sister from another mother" kind of friend) at her ranch just south of San Jose.

And of course I must include our "bunk mates", Scooby and Scrappy...

While there of course we visited 3 wineries after a long day of riding horses....

Sarah's Vineyard was crazy busy, but we still got to taste all the great wines they were serving. I had alot of favorites but my most favorite was the 2007 Pinot Noir, yummy!

Martin Ranch Winery was HOT and by that I mean it hit 100 degrees while there, they were serving outside so needless to say we didn't stay to taste too long. I think we each got about 3 tastes before we folded, but the 3 we had were amazing, especially their J.D. Hurley 2006 Zinfandel.

Lastly we stopped in at Clos LaChance. They were getting set up for a wedding (gorgeous grounds by the way) so we stayed just long enough to linger in some whites.

To continue on with the wino theme started this weekend, I saw some fun wine accessories to check out.....Added Bonus: Most of these products are made from recycled wine product.
This Wine barrel lazy susan made from aged oak barrels would look great in the center of your outdoor dining table. This comes from 100% recycled barrels.

I love this authentic green glass wine bottle chandelier each repurposed wine bottle is detailed with a cork stopper.

The Bottiglia Doorstop would work perfectly for any door.

These wine barrel candelabras are a great idea for outdoor dining tables. Made from aged French oak barrels that were used in wine production for 2-5 years and are made in Sonoma County.

I know everyone has seen these probably by now, but flat wine bottle platters are awesome for your cheese spread and not only are they from recycled wine bottles but they make a great host gift too.

Okay, enough with the wine already, It's only 8am in the morning and I am starting to crave a glass.

Cheers to a great Wednesday!


Donn said...

It's 2pm you have my permission to start. Thanks for the great visuals of the CA wine country...and the great ideas on how to bring that sensibility into my home.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great time you must have had.....riding horses AND visiting wineries!!!
All the gift items are cute ... my favorite is the wine bottle door stop! Thanks for sharing your adventures! :)