Friday, July 24, 2009

Beauty + Practicality = FLOR

I have been purchasing FLOR modular carpet tiles for at least 6 years now and love their products. As the years have gone by, their design choices just continue to grow.

Here are just a FEW of the examples of what you can design and do with their carpet tiles...

One of the great things about their products is the ease in replacing. If they are in a high traffic area, there's a pet accident, or even what I am know for, spills..its no problem. I simply pull mine up and rinse under water and 95% of the time that takes care of the spill, but for that other 5% of the time I have extras to plop down and replace the tile gone bad.

FLOR is an inspired system of carpet tiles with easy to coordinate colors, textures and patterns.

The carpet tiles are 19.7" x 19.7" each and using adhesive "FLORdots" to connect to each other-not your floor. You can create rugs, runners or even go wall-to-wall.

Most of their tiles can be recycled (by them) back into new tiles.

You can buy single carpet tiles or multiples based on your needs. You can also buy their "rug kits" as shown.

They also now have a FLOR BIZ division that are customized for your workplace.


I am really not sure if I chose this picture because I like the idea of carpet in the garage or this Corvette caught my eye or both.... ;)

Have any of you used these before? If so, do you have any comments to share?


Anonymous said...

These carpets are Fun and Fabulous!!!
It's hard to believe they are squares that are put together.....I enjoy the Corvette picture, too! :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Marie ~ I love these carpet tiles and am hoping to use them in my own home at some point in the future. One idea was to do a black and white checkboard with these, rather than, say, vinyl tile in my home office.