Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jewelry Box Bathroom

I had a very dainty and pretty client who wanted to update her master bathroom without changing the footprint. I say that so you all know that in a perfect world I would've knocked down some walls to enlarge this space but sometimes I don't win those battles. ;)

Money wasn't an issue necessarily, mess was so I came up with what I thought was a great solution....Make this room as pretty and shiny as possible so everywhere you look it's beautiful!

Here is what I had to work with...The "afters" just don't seem as special without seeing the "befores" first....

We had to first lose those dated fur-downs and fluorescent lighting.
The angles in this bathroom are crazy, as you can see.
Yes those were Pergo floors which she DID love. She also was lacking a lot of storage in this bathroom.
Oh this shower was sooo dark....

And now the "jewelry box"...

We claimed the corner of her countertop and did a built in with of course a mirror to blend in with the rest of the bathroom. It's not a lot of storage, but as women know a little is better than nothing.

The countertops are marble and I found the cutest crystal cabinet knobs for her, she LOVES them.
If you noticed in the before pic there was no medicine cabinet....We tried to utilize every little space we could by putting one in here. She then had no place to hang her hand towels and she suggested hanging them in the door....Not my favorite choice but it's her bathroom, so I gave in, it actually doesn't look so bad.

Have you noticed yet that ALL of the walls in the entire bathroom are the glass tiles from the shower? I did that to break up some of the lines we were dealing with originally, too many surface choices felt way to choppy in this little bathroom.

We laid the travertine tiles on a diagonal to make the room look bigger and yes there are those glass tiles again at each intersection, she now loves these floors much more than her beloved Pergo.
I used chrome in this bathroom for it's shininess, it really compliments the glass don't you agree?
This client LOVES her bathroom! She said that every time she goes in there now she feels pretty and wants to stay in there all day long, so my work here is done.

None of my surfaces; glass tiles, marble and travertine were inexpensive, but remember when you don't have the option of changing your footprint and your bathroom is on the small side your material doesn't cost as much as if you were doing a big bathroom and that is how I rationalized it to my client, oh and that fact that it would be like showering in a jewelry box helped too, ha!


Love the Decor! said...

Beautiful work!! You did a wonderful Job!!
I always love the after pics!!

Mise said...

Much more of a boudoir feel now, and I really like the tiles. It could easily be a posh hotel bathroom. A total change and huge improvement.

Anne Lubner Designs said...

Beautiful, Marie! From dark and dated to luminescent and sparkly! Considering that you didn't change the footprint, it's amazing you were able to effect such a complete transformation. Your skilled use of lighting and finishes makes a world of difference. No wonder your client is thrilled!

DesignTies said...

This is a stunning transformation, Marie... no wonder your client is so happy!! Congrats on a wonderful project!

Happy to see you over at DesignTies, checking out our landscape project's progress. Hope to see you drop in when I report updates! :-)


Anonymous said...

No wonder your client is happy -- what a beautiful bright sparkly bathroom!!! Is that you in two of the bathroom pictures, Marie? Cute! :)
Take a bow...... you did GREAT! (again!)

robin baron said...

What a great before and after! Bravo darling!

Caren with a "C" said...

Wow!!! That was a great change from dingy to sparkly!

Sela Toki said...

What a transformation. I missed this the first time I came around but the after works turned out pretty amazing. Luv luv it. Oh and thanks for dropping by my blog.

charlotte j.w. said...

so gorgeous! I love the tiles and I love the thought of "showering in a jewelry box!"