Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make Mine a Black'n Tan

If you are tired of the same old kitchen sinks of either some shade of white/beige or stainless steel consider the black'n tan from Kohler.  It's a deep rich color with different shades of brown.  It looks GREAT with darker granite choices and doesn't stand out like other finishes but blends beautifully.   You know it almost looks too nice for a kitchen sink but it's not, it's a workhorse. 

These sinks are Kohler cast iron, enamel finish and are guaranteed to not chip, crack or burn (heat resistant up to a 1,000 degrees).  

These are easy to clean too, gone are your steel wools and abrasive cleaners. Just a soft sponge does the trick.

So not only are these sinks tough and easy to clean but are made from 93% recycled and reclaimed material.

They come in lots of different shapes and styles, the one in the picture is an apron sink for more of that farm/country feel but check out the modern vessel shapes as well.  The Black'n Tan also looks great on a travertine slab/countertop for a WOW factor.

Check out this Kohler commercial for the durability of the cast iron sinks, love these colors too! :)

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