Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get Me An Umbrella Drink!

Woke up, got out of bed....Saw my mail with lots of catalogs strewn in the pile.  Normally I toss them, BUT it's a beautiful spring day and guess what's on the front of every one of them?  Outdoor settings!  How inspiring is that to start planning for your outdoor spaces?  

If you haven't started thinking about your outdoor living spaces yet for this upcoming summer now is the time to start.  Some places in the country are still getting snow, so even though you probably can't physically start planning outside you can dream from the indoors. :)

I love the look and low maintenance of the outdoor resin furniture.  Sooo many choices with color and style now, I want a couple of backyards.

Every year I am shocked at the selection of outdoor fabrics that keep getting better. Sunbrella fabrics are a must for outdoor use.  They are weather resistant, less fading issues and very durable.   They have come such a long way that I have on occasion actually used them inside for the fade resistant, durability on indoor furniture.  My clients couldn't tell the difference.  

I love spring!

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Anonymous said...

Just bought a new bright colored umbrella. You're right.... Really spruced the patio up. So glad I don't live in the snow anymore....Spring is wonderful and I was ready for it even here in the South.
Loving your comments and ideas.
Fun to read, thanks.