Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go Crazy!

I love that washer/dryer companies are embracing color!  The color choices to choose from are sooo yummy, from "Turquoise Sky", "Aspen", "Champagne", "Wild Cherry" and "Ocean Blue" to just name a few....The names alone set the mood to wash.

Yes you can still have white, but I think you should push the envelope with some color. The great thing about choosing a color that you wouldn't normally choose because you were afraid of it trending out in a bigger/important room such as a kitchen, a laundry room usually isn't seen but by the family most of the time and why not have a "wow factor" to enjoy each time you go in to use them.  This is a low risk/high reward room.

Why not set your mood to vacation mode with a washer and dryer that are in"Turquoise Sky" so when you sorting clothes you feel a little like you have "escaped".  
There are some other real benefits to updating your washer if you haven't in a long time....
*Front loaders are easier on backs than top loaders 
*ENERGY STAR:  Very energy and water efficient
*Larger capacity  

You know, the laundry room is one of the one rooms I rarely get to design unless it's a for a new home, so I am soo excited about all the fun, new choices out there, that for the next "Decorator On Demand" client who wants a room done if you mention this blog I will include the laundry room design for free.  Contact me at decoratorondemand@me.com.

So go crazy and get that new washer and start that vacation today!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea to add color to a typically boring room....the laundry room! Waiting for mine to "poop out". :)
Thank you!

Donn said...

That washer looks so cool I'd "almost" volunteer to help with laundry!