Sunday, October 25, 2009

Glass Fetish

I try not to show too much of my glass fetish when writing this blog, but I definitely have one and if I could I would blog about glass every day, well not that often, but more than I do now.  Here are just a few of my glass fetish blog posts "Jewelry Box Bath", "Now This Blows", "Ice Ice Baby" and "Glass Tile Possibilites", see I have it bad don't I?

I always want to add just a little of it somewhere in all of my designs, I love the shine and color.

One of my favorite glass tile companies is SICIS, they are the "Art Mosaic Factory" and I simply love their glass!!!  All of their tiles are made in Italy.

It's Sunday, so sit back and let's take a peek at some of the beauty they create....

Just beautiful isn't it?   You are limited only by your imagination and their create your own mosiac area, even then, not so much, because they do provide all the imagination you need.

Do you like the look of glass tiles?
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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love the look of glass tiles, Marie! The picture of the bathroom with the blue glass tile is my favorite. I would love to use it in my own home at some point.

couturewindowfashions said...

I LOVE glass tiles! Especially the blue bathroom that you pictured. Thanks for this blog on glass, the beauty of the Sicis tiles is stunning!

Amanda said...

Glass tiles are so beautiful! The floral patterns are just so... I don't have words to describe it. Thanks for this blog post

Anonymous said...

These are Great!!! Love the "natural" moasic mirrors best but I, too, love the blue!
Thank you for bright and lovely even on a rainy day! (Can't even imagine how bright these would be on a sunny day, wow!)
As to keep informed!! Thank you, Marie!

Cindy Lee Bergersen said...

Hi Marie,
Of all the design fetishes you could have, you picked one that will afford you a lot of fellow playmates. Anyone who doesn't love glass tile must be visually numb.Your posting choices are unique too. Well done!