Thursday, October 29, 2009

Splish, Splash

I am a shower girl....Meaning, I shower 99% of the time and on the rare occasion, I will take a bath.  I am shocked though how many of my clients actually bathe in a tub more than shower, all women, which doesn't surprise me.

What are you a shower person or tub person?

Regardless, check out these tubs for the ultimate in cool.....It may change your mind.

Mti Whirlpools This is the Intarcia tub which can be customized with decorative inlays.  This particular one has been optionally inlaid with blue lacquer wood.  You also have a choice of an optional pedestal or inverted pedestal base.

Villeroy & Boch  The distinctive Aveo was influenced by the egg.  It is made of an exclusive material, "Quaryl" which is slip resistant and it conducts heat very slowly for a longer lasting soak, ahhhh....

Victoria & Albert bath Taking its name from a town along the Italian Riveria, is the Ravello tub.  This tub is made from 100% Englishcast which is made of a mix of white volcanic limestone and resin.  Every bathtub is as strong as cast iron but naturally white, featuring a renewable, scratch resistant surface.

Hopfoot's Vasca definitely captures the essence of nature in its earthy wood tones.  This tub is made from handselected teak or Canadian cedar, each steam contoured tub is preserved and sealed with natural finishes such as olive oil.  Now before you get tooo excited about this tub I do have to forewarn that the price for the teak version is pricey, as in almost $50,000 pricey, that is not a typo by the way.

This is the Origami tub from BainUltra is made for two bathers.  Chromatherapy and sound therapy are available to make for a totally relaxing experience.

Here's a new brand of tub to me, #1 in Europe, just found it and is it gorgeous, Kaldewei.  This is the Luxxo Duo Oval made in steel enamel and it comes in white as well but the black is sooo sexy isn't it?  These tubs were specifically designed for two and is fitted with a pair of identical facing backrests with curved shoulder support, ooohlala.

And last on this list but surely not least is the Morphosis soaking tub from Jacuzzi.  This tub is 74.8" in length so it definitely encourages maximum lounging.

Just writing this blog has got me thinking about going and taking a long soak in my own tub....


Betsy Head, Affordable Interior Design said...

So soothing! I am been hankering for a jetted tub!


Anonymous said...

I would take a bath all the time if I had a tub.
Alas, I have only a very small shower.

the ungourmet said...

I haven't had a bath in 8 years but only because I detest my tub. It so uncomfortable! If I had one of these tubs I would have to be dragged out! :D

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

Each of these tubs is so unique, but the MTI whirlpool is by far my favorite.