Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sleep in Splendor

If you haven't heard of one of the finest beds in the world, now is the time.....Hastens.

They have been family owned and operated in Sweden since 1852, hand making each and every mattress, so I think they know what they are doing.

You can always spot the Hastens brand because of their distinct look....checked fabric, usually in blue, but they do have a rainbow of cotton checked fabrics to choose from.

The first time I eyed one of these mattresses in person, I was up in Seattle after walking all day, and went into the showroom and collapsed on one of them and was transformed into another world.

By the way, I don't promote any products for profit and quite frankly most companies don't even know that I am blogging about them.  All of my blog posts about products are my personal experiences with them. :)  

Their bed frames are made out of Swedish pine.  The stuffing is simply made out of cotton, HORSEHAIR, flax and wool.  The springs are made from heat treated Swedish steel, same quality found in piano wire.

This bed is 100% organic and can be recycled or if discarded it is totally biodegradable.  Unlike other mattresses out there this has no outgasses from synthetic materials.

Now with all of these benefits there are 2 downsides...This mattress is HEAVY!  Mattresses are already awkward but with the added weight it can be cumbersome to move. And lastly the price for a good nights sleep is expensive, I won't get into pricing here because really what is a good nights sleep worth to you and remember they say you do spend a third of your life in bed. ;)

So if you are like me and must try them out first, they now have hotels all over the world that have them, see this list.

I must finish this blog with my favorite shape of bed that they now carry....I need to go see this in person...But wouldn't it be fun to design around this?

I would love to hear of your experiences with this company and/or bed if you have them.  If not, I hope you consider them when you are shopping for your next mattress, you won't be sorry....If nothing else order the DVD it's very well done!

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We love to take a test sleep on one of those