Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not a Bad Place to "Age in Place"

Kohler just recently posted a fully remodeled home called the Green Mountain Ranch in Fort Collins, Colorado. The homeowner, Cynthia Leibrock was the designer of her own "living laboratory"/home.

It's not only a beautiful home but she truly has thought of everything when it comes to aging-in-place.

This video is just one of many videos on her home featured on the Kohler site. All of the videos were chocked full of great information and you can tell she is passionate and has done thorough research on what the needs of older people may be.

I think my biggest takeaway from this is the fact that your home can still be beautiful and stylish with devices to help you age in place without advertising to others your age and disabilities.

I think there were some really great ideas in here for others to retrofit their own homes.

I hope her and her husband continue to stay healthy and don't need these amazing features. But if not, they are going to be just fine too and will be able to age in place without ever having to go to the dreaded nursing home.

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