Monday, August 10, 2009

Mirror Mirror 2.0

-Tiny green sea urchin shapes line this mirror. (Don't worry no sea urchins were hurt in the making of this mirror.)

I know I seem to blog quite a bit on mirrors but to me they just add so much to rooms in the house and there are sooo many unique variations I feel like one or two blog postings just isn't enough.

I have had my eye on Made Goods for awhile now and every time I go to their site or I get a postcard from them I drool!

All of their mirrors are so beautiful! Here are just SOME of my favorites...I urge you to check out their website or better yet see them in person.
-Here is there seasonal statement piece, can you see why?! I love these large shells with cream, gold and brown patterns arranged as petals.
-Artfully reproduced lettuce coral, each leaf is hand painted fora truly lifelike effect and yes this is blue, isn't it unexpected and fun?
-This was inspired by a serving platter, what a great idea. This is made of ruffled tin.

-This bronze mirror has almost 400 pieces of hand cut metal. It has a snaky feel about it doesn't it?
-Leaf coral was the inspiration for this beautiful mirror. A thin silver or gold tip is applied to the end of each "leaf" for a more sophisticated appearance, or you can just request them to leave it off too.
-The delicate floral latticework is covered by hand in a mosaic of capis shell then the entire piece is antiqued.
-So simple, but not....I love the wood grain frame with those little sparrows perched on top.
-Anyone got a light? Just kidding...This is however rows and rows of matchsticks, I love the dimension and depth of this mirror.

-Reuse and Repurpose: This wood came from India and was originally used as a mold for cast marble window screens....Aren't the geometrical shapes great?
-This is a modern interpretation of Beaux Art with sculptural decoration around a more traditional, classic shape. This is a molded black tin with oversized proportions, very dramatic right?
Do you have a favorite?


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Marie! The lattice work and leaf coral mirrors are so delicate looking (the leaf coral reminds me of a necklace). Very pretty.
I like to use mirrors to help bring more light into a room.

DesignTies said...

I'm looking for a mirror for over my fireplace and I think I could be talked into the round bronze, snake-scale like one! What a fantastic selection of mirrors, Marie!
Victoria @ DesignTies

Jane@Decor mamma said...

Wow...what fun, beautiful and unique mirrors! Thanks for the mirror inspiration!

DalkullanJewelry said...

Very interesting group of mirrors. So creative!

cdewitt said...

Thanks for all the feedback. Oscar and I just recently started Made Goods and are having a lot of fun! For us, there was a real design void for mirrors. We love them and are trying to inspire people and return the mirror as a design focal point!

Chris DeWitt
Made Goods

Anonymous said...

I love the barnacles and birds. The madegoods website is amazing! How could you decide on just a few?