Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make The Switch

Here is something we all have, and other than some slight variation, they all look about the same.....It's the light switch.

What England has known about for 20 years thanks to Forbes & Lomax, is now in America....Virtually invisible light switches or at least a more aesthetically pleasing light switch. ;)

It's basically a simple/transparent acrylic plate which allows paint or wallpaper to show through with a stylish metal toggle to actually turn the light on and off.

Here is the fun part of their site. In here you can play with different backgrounds and choosing between the toggle switches and push buttons and all the finishes they come in as well.

I am sure your burning question after all of this, is the same one I had...Where is the dimmer?

Let's face it the BEST way to add ambience to any room is adding a dimmer to all lights.  Well they have that too.  I love the Antique Bronze and Nickel so had to show those.  Oh and of course you can still get the acrylic too.  I think these faceplates are sooo sexy don't you?

And lastly it wouldn't be complete without invisible plates for electric outlets.  Look at all their choices here for that.

On remodels you are probably thinking, "well even if I wanted these, what am I supposed to do with the big hole in my existing wall?".  They got that covered too....

For a designer, I love all of the customization I can get with these and I am very much looking forward to adding them to my next job.

Now my question to you...Would you consider these for your own home?  If so, do you have a favorite combo?  It's a toss up for me....


Chirs said...
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Anonymous said...

Great idea. Thx for sharing

Anonymous said...

I like the clear with small switch the best but I'm so used to seeing the ones here I don't even notice them anymore. It's amazing to me to see all the new designs! Glad to know what is out there....I appreciate you sharing.
Have a blessed day! :)

Sandra said...

It's smart, functional, stylish, and simple. America could learn something here. Then mabye we can also get high speed rail.

Scribbler said...

I too like the clear version. Now -- to repair all the gaping holes in the wall so that they can be converted?