Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Laundry Time

Last Monday in the middle of doing laundry my washer freaked out with wierd noises and stopped in mid spin leaving my clothes wet and full of water.  I closed the lid and tried to figure it out to no avail.  I called for service and they showed up on Tuesday, they only spent 5 minutes looking before they told me the bad news....It will cost more to fix it than replace it.  I was freaked out needless to say....

When I bought my Whirlpool Calypso 8 years ago it was touted as the washer to have and for $1,200 I expected that.  I know people who have had their washers for 20+ years so come on wasn't it safe to assume that my 8 year washer had more years in it than that?  It was HE and had the Energy Savings already.  It was a top loader which I personally love, etc. etc.

Well after much snooping around like a crazy woman...As in ALL day Wednesday (day before my guests came and day before Thanksgiving) I finally decided to give in and just get the LG washer AND dryer front loaders which were rated very high and I basically stole ($682.22 for everything) thanks to Black Friday offers being offered before Friday.  So even though timing wasn't sooo great with guests coming it was price wise a great time to buy.

Replacing an 8 year old clothes washer alone will save more than $60.00 in electricity costs and nearly 5,000 gallons of water per year, for more energy saving tips check them out here at AHAM.

So not only did I get a GREAT price for my washer and dryer, BUT in our town we get an energy rebate back of $100, yeah!

My guests left on Sunday, my appliances were delivered yesterday and I have been washing ever since. They make a goofy little song at the end of a cycle but otherwise I am really liking them and here is a plug for Sears....They ROCK!  I haven't ever purchased from Sears before but now will for everything, painless on so many levels and pleasant too.  Whirlpool could care less about me even after I found out about a class action suit against my 8 year old washer...Oh well, their loss.

I didn't ever think a washer and dryer could make me this happy, what has become of me?  Would a new washer and dryer make you happy?


Love the Decor! said...

Something's in the air. My dryer quit yesterday. Much too late for any Black Friday deals. Repair man to be here tomorrow and then I will decide if I am fixing or replacing. I would love to have the ones you just got they look beautiful. Mine current ones are well over 8yrs old

edwardsdrapery said...

Loved your post! A month ago my washer was misbehaving. I had it fixed then the following day it died. The repairman did warn me that it was on its last legs :) Bought a beautiful new Maytag and had it installed. The installer had a look at the dryer and told me it should last a little longer. That evening the dryer went up in smoke, sparking and making quite a scene. It must have missed the old washer! I didn't realize that "a little longer" meant 3 hours...
I now have a new Maytag dryer and expect it to last for a looong time :)