Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Small Choices, Big Impact

I know green may seem like the "trend" right now, but is it really a trend?  I think wiser green practices are here to stay.  

Here are some very easy choices you can make today that are not only inexpensive but easy too...

1)  The 3 R's:  Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
2)  Compost
3)  Use Public Trans or at least plan your car trips to be more efficient
4)  Use energy bulbs and when you leave a room turn your lights off behind you
5)  Weather strip your doors and windows
6)  Use energy efficient thermostats
7)  Get a home energy audit:  These are usually free through your utility company.  
8)  Use environmentally safe cleaning products
9)  Replace old appliances with newer appliances that have earned the Energy Star
10) Replace toilets with high-efficiency ones such as Kohler or Caroma

This list is about making progress.  These will not only save you money but our environment too.  We will never be perfect and some can't or won't do all 10 on this list and that is okay.  I think awareness is the first step and I just ask that you be open minded and consider some of these.

Please comment here on what you currently do or what you plan on doing, to be more green.  It's important we educate and share our experiences with each other to learn from.  No one has all the answers but we can all grow together right?

Last thought, I have noticed that more and more utility companies are giving generous rebates for Energy Star appliances and high-efficiency toilets.  Make sure to check your local company to see what their guidelines are before buying.


Plush Palate said...

Great list of things we can do to help! And I agree, this 'trend' should and is to stay!

Leona Gaita said...

I really think it's NOT a trend, more a whole new outlook. Kids coming up will take recycling and eco-awareness for granted.

Thanks for furthering the cause with this post!

Anonymous said...

I started using cloth napkins. I also hang my clothes up to dry. Texas heat dries them in no time! Toss them in the dryer for 10 minutes to soften and get out any dog hair or wrinkles.