Saturday, June 6, 2009

Armoires Aren't Dead

They are just being repurposed to what they originally were in the first place.

I know that TV's have gotten flatter and spaces are getting smaller and some armoires are being pushed to the side.  But  we must not forget that there are other purposes for them, such as storage for your clothes, books, collections, etc.

Check out these  armoires, this is what started my juices flowing and inspired me to snoop around for some others to share with you....

I love the use of mirrors in armories...It really helps that big piece of furniture feel lighter and even more interesting, don't you think?


Kathy said...

I love them too and actually have a few in my home, with each one serving a different purpose. I think that even with the flatter televisions they still work for that purpose because you still have all that other equipment to go along with the TV (DVD player, Tuner, etc.) I think the thing I like best is you can close the doors on it and hide a multitude of sins!

Anonymous said...

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