Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Started On Your Home Design Project

The best way to begin the process of remodeling/designing your home is to dream!  I recommend that you start reading shelter magazines.  Rip out magazine pictures you are moved by, whether you like a particular rug, furniture layout or just the feeling the room represents.

Start to save them in a folder marked "home design ideas".  This helps narrow down what you like and don't like so whether you hire a professional to help you or you are going to do it yourself it's a good place to start your plan with images to guide you.

I have noticed that sometimes my clients rip out pictures and after a few weeks they revisit them and edit by simply tossing the page(s).  That's a lot easier than redecorating all the time or losing focus midway through a remodel.

For more DIY design tips, check out my "lens" at this link.

Happy Dreaming.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Maire....I'm going to get started today!

Anonymous said...

I have been doing this for years and such a great fun thing to do!
I even checked my folder that I had done years ago and now own some pieces that I looked at then.