Thursday, January 5, 2012

Color Palette, All Aboard

I am back and for those of you who were wondering where in the world I was, I was on the Society Islands, in the South Pacific.  Anyway, I love it there, and have been 3 times now and it's still not enough...Simply put, it is paradise on earth.

From this blog post, here is that same church taken in Ta'haa 4 years later and with different light...

Since I have a design blog I better add some design to this post right?

Sooo we were on the Paul Gauguin ship.....
Rainbow showed up on Christmas day on the stern of the ship, isn't this magical?

The Paul Gauguin is already a beautiful vessel, but guess what...?  In a week they are going to completely remodel the inside to the following...I took pics of the boards that not everyone got to see on the ship, I had special access and thought I would give you a sneak peek here....

Pool Deck

Promenade Area Deck 6

Le Verandah restaurant

Promenade area, deck 5

L'Etoile Restaurant

Main Cabins

Le Grille Restaurant


Deck 8 Lounge

Le Grand Salon

Reception Area

More Suites

I am sooo glad to be seeing so much blue and green used in the new deco it really compliments this kind of scenery nicely don't you think?

It will only take them 3 weeks to do the entire ship and they are sailing to Australia with the contractors working the entire time...Isn't that cool and mind blowing too that they can get that much work done in only 3 weeks?  I can tell you the planning took alot more time than that.

Thumbs waaayyy up or what?

In regards to this post...I don't work for the Paul Gauguin or get any incentive (I wish) for mentioning them, I am doing it strictly from the heart which all my blog posts are if you are new to my site.


Allie said...

Thumbs WAAAAAY up!!!
Thanks for sharing!!! :)

simon said...

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Anonymous said...
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Broot said...

looks lovely. Thank you for stopping by for my SITS Day! :)

Our Fine House said...

Yes, definitely a Thumbs Up!

Stopping by from SITS.

Eva Gallant said...

I am so jealous! What a wonderful-looking cruise!! I just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you find time to do the same.

Ruthie's Renewed Treasures said...

Glad to discover your blog! Hope to keep checking it out!


Celeste said...

Definitely a thumbs wayyy up! Thanks for sharing all these photos with us - that'll be a great remodel to the ship!

Anonymous said...

Good morning!
Happy New Year!
Health, luck and love!

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Great post!Thanks for sharing this awesome photos!Love the sea!