Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Randomness, my apologies

Okay, I just got in my email box a VERY old blog posting from April 2010 called #23!!  I haven't looked at that blog post since I wrote it back then and quite frankly I haven't even been in my Blogger today, so I thought I really needed to post this to apologize to all of you out there...Especially one like that.  

Wish I knew how that happened...Are we becoming so reliant on computers and technology we are losing control?

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Joyce said...

No problem, Marie. I'm sure that it bothers YOU more than us! We know you wouldn't have done that...those goofy computers! Gotta have them these days but when they're not working correctly....Oooohhh! Just know that I understand and I'm sure others agree, "it's not a big deal"! Relax and have a GREAT and BLESSED day! :)