Friday, March 11, 2011

All You Need is Kitchen Cabinet Love

I have sooo many clients who want to update their kitchens and get really scared when they start pricing cabinets.  Can you blame them?  That is one of the priciest areas of a kitchen.

I can't tell you how many times their cabinets have good "bones" they just need a refresh is all....And yes this is pickled and yes we did something about it.


(almost after, we are wrapping this job up so not completely done but you get the idea I hope on cabinets)

Even those horrible oak cabinets that we are all familiar with...You know the ones that turn yellow over time?  Yep, even those can be improved on at a fraction of the cost new cabinets would be.

(before, bad pic sorry about that)


I am not pooh poohing brand new custom built kitchen cabinets at all...I love them, my clients love them, but if cost is a factor adding paint or stain to your existing is a wise way to go.

(WAAAYYY before, this was a flip house, I know we are talking about kitchen cabinets but how do you like that wallpaper?)


Oh and stay tuned here is my latest....The yellowing oak is going dark...Should be done around mid April, with of course new floors, backsplash, granite countertop and new cabinet hardware, looking forward to showing you..

Here is the stain I am using, or my painters are using anyway....SW 3125-O "Ranch Oak".


Karen Peterson said...

It's amazing how changing the cabinets can alter the entire room.

Jill said...

Dropping by from SITS. Love your blog!

I have 1970s yellowed oak cabinets (my grandfather built them)--now you have me wondering if they can be updated without painting (I don't favor painted cabinets). Yay inspiration! :)

Toqua's Crafts said...

It is wonderful to remind people there are other options besides 'replacing' the cabinets!

Our kitchen needs help... I just haven't committed myself to do it - yet. We have white ceramic tile (looks nice when it's clean... but heavens I don't have time nor desire to clean every day!) We have white cabinets with black handles, and beautiful blue Mexican tiles on the counter tops (I have decided if I could have a clear overlay so I didn't have to clean the grout it would be AWESOME! LOL)

Have a great day!

Flooring Pro said...

These are great. Who knew there were so many ways to update cabinets with stain? I'm with Jill - thanks for the inspiration.

Btw - love the wallpaper! ;-)
Is there a stain look that would even go with that? Maybe Jamboree Jade?

Cara said...

I LOVE to see all the kitchen cabinet transformations! We painted our builder basic oak bathroom cabinets white, and it made such a big difference! I'd love to see our kitchen cabinets painted white. We upgraded those when we built the house to some dark cherry. They are beautiful, but I've always adored white. Of course, my husband refuses to paint them. :)

Anonymous said...

The "After" pictures are fabulous! When I finally have a house I'll be coming by to check out your improvement techniques and get ideas lol

And that wall paper? Bleh!

Thank you for stopping by my blog on my SITS day! Means a lot :)

Refacing Kitchen Cabinet said...

Great post, thanks for sharing. The pictures will provide with some inspiration.