Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cover Art

Are you of the age that you not only know what record albums are but still have yours?  I do, I can't seem to part with them, they all mean something to me, especially fond memories like pretend kissing the guy (didn't even know his name) from this cover, the top left picture, from the Bay City Rollers, hey in 4th grade they were huge! :)

Well I just saw this cool way to show off your album "art" here.  They hold up to 6 record albums at a time.  You can display them horizontally or vertically.

The best part is you can change them out as often as you want very easily.

Did you have any special memories of your record albums, I would love to hear them.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Ha! What a trip down memory lane! I think we do still have them ~ there was some debate as we were getting rid of stuff to prep the house for sale. I'm pretty sure I saved my Adam Ant albums out of that box {they just don't make music like that anymore}! : )

Sandy said...

I had so many albums but left them and my Thorens turntable behind after the divorce. I resisted CDs for so long but eventually gave in and replaced much of my music originally on LPs. But you are so right about the artwork! You just don't get the same effect on a 4x4 piece of paper.

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