Friday, February 26, 2010

How Do You Feel About Pot Fillers?

Okay, you know I probably shouldn't say this but I just have too...I think Pot Fillers are cool and I think they look oohhhh sooo sexy on that backsplash over the stovetop, but if you are seriously thinking it's going to save your back from hauling a heavy pot over to the stovetop you still have to haul it the other way after you are done cooking. :)

So do any of you have a pot filler and if so, do you use it and love it?

If not, would you consider one in the future?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Photos

This is wallpaper, isn't it cool?

It is from Sandpiper Studios and is called Versailles "Frames".

Here is a cool idea....You can cut to shape and paste some of your own family photos in these wallpaper frames for a creative way to show off your own family.

I love cool ideas like this don't you?

Oh and on a personal note..I broke my camera...Stupid me I rode with it attached to the horn of saddle the other day and when I got off it wasn't working, boo hoo...Sooo it's at the Drs (repair shop), no word yet on what is wrong..I am almost too scared to call and see....Anyway, I am delayed in taking recent photos of some great client jobs that are just now finishing up...So please have patience and I will try too, I can't wait to share them all.